Vacc Rabbit Sera MAP

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High-resolution mapping of the neutralizing and binding specificities of polyclonal rabbit serum elicited by HIV trimer immunizations

Below are links to interactive visualizations of the HIV mutational antigenic profiling of sera from rabbits vaccinated with BG505 trimers, enabled by dms-view. These data are described in this paper by Dingens et al.

Figure 2 - Plotting both the glycan hole and C3/V5 epitopes

Figure 4 - Plotting the C3/V5 epitope

Figure 5 - Plotting the glycan hole epitope

For dms-view visualizations, logo plots are colored as in Figure 2 of the paper. The glycan hole epitope is green, the C3/V5 epitope is blue, and all other sites are grey. These residue-level epitope annotations are arbitrarily defined based on all data, we encourage readers to further explore additional sites. Mutations tested in preliminary point mutant mapping (Figure 1A) are shown in black. Selection is mapped onto the 5fyl BG505 trimer or monomer structure.

This page documents the differential selection statsitics we use to analyze these data.

The site-metrics (dot plot) include:

The mutation-metrics (logoplot) include