dms_tools2 is written by the Bloom Lab.

If you use dms_tools2 in your research, please cite the following reference:

Bloom JD. “Software for the analysis and visualization of deep mutational scanning data.”. BMC Bioinformatics, 16:168 (2015).

  • This citation is not an up-to-date description of the current capabilities of dms_tools2 (for that, see these docs) – in fact, the citation actually describes the older dms_tools software. However, it is the scientific citation for dms_tools2 since we are not trying to keep the citations up-to-date with the rapidly developing software. So please cite this paper!

Also, consider citing these papers if you use the relevant functionality:

For the full list of contributors to dms_tools2, see here. Much of the code is based on the earlier dms_tools software, so also see the contributors to that earlier project.